Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bed Bug Sniffers

Today I spent a lazy Sunday watching the Discovery Channel.  Started out with Extreme Loggers, moved on to Dirty Jobs, and finished up with a show about exterminators – Verminators.

Normally, a show about roach and rat infestations would not be a topic of the Backcountry K-9 blog.  However, this particular episode featured a dog trained specifically to sniff out bed bugs!

Part of the show focused on a couple who swore they had bed bugs but a handful of other exterminators could find no signs of them.  This company couldn’t either until they called in their backup – a K-9.  The little guy sniffed around and pinpointed a spot in the headboard and the mattress that had the early stages of bed bugs that are hard to see with the naked eye.

As it turns out with a quick Google search, dogs as bed bug exterminators isn’t all that uncommon.  Check out this story about a bed bug sniffing beagle named Radar.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


ohmidog!  has a great video demonstrating how to perform CPR on your dog.  It’s well worth the 4 minutes if you are not familiar with the techniques or if you need a refresher.

See ohmidog!’s How to Save your Dog’s Life video

Bird dogs

I ran across a cool story from a couple months ago (before the Hudson River plane crash) that talks about using dogs to scare birds away from airports in the hopes of limiting bird/plane collisions.

The USA Today article highlights Sky, a border collie at Southwest Florida International Airport.  She is working at just one of the 20 US airports that are using dogs to control various wildlife.

The part of the article that really got me though was the fact that JFK uses trained Falcons to deter other birds.  Where do you think you get a trained Falcon?

Read the story at USA Today.