Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shockles Pet Keeper Now at Backcountry K-9

A new leash at Backcountry K-9, the Shockles Pet Keeper. Use it as a stretch leash or a tether!

Shockles Pet Keeper at Backcountry K-9

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Check Out the New 1” Pattern from Lupine, Sunburst!

The new 1” Sunburst pattern is available in collars, leads, slip leads and harnesses.

Lupine at Backcountry K-9

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New at Backcountry K-9–EzyDog Vario 6 Leash

Now at Backcountry K-9, check out the Vario 6 Leash.  The EzyDog Vario 6 has 2 clip styles and 6 configurations – a 5 foot leash, a 3 foot leash, a double dog leash, a hands free leash as well as a short and long tether!

EzyDog Vario 6 Leash at Backcountry K-9

New at Backcountry K-9–The Rubit Dog Tag Clip

The Rubit (roo'-bit') Dog Tag Clip is a simple, stylish, and secure clip that let's you swiftly transition tags to different collars.

Rubit Dog Tag Clip at BackcountryK-9

New at Backcountry K-9–Stunt Puppy Ltd. Edition Croakies Everyday Leashes and Collars

Stunt Puppy teamed up with their friends at Croakies to bring you the Everyday Leashes and Collars in some great new patterns!

Stunt Puppy Croakies Everyday Leashes and Collars at Backcountry K-9

New at Backcountry K-9–ChuckIt! Indoor Launcher

Bring the ChuckIt! fitness rituals indoors. Enjoy the benefit of no-slobber, hands-free pick up when playing fetch inside with the ChuckIt! Indoor Launcher. Easy launch design with a soft Indoor Roller made for pursuit. Perfect when it's too cold or too wet outside.

ChuckIt! Indoor Launcher at Backcountry K-9

New at Backcountry K-9–ChuckIt! Amphibious Duck Diver

With a soft texture that's easy on your dog's mouth, the brightly-colored ChuckIt! Amphibious Duck Diver also floats and sails through the air with ease!  It always lands upright and is ChuckIt! thrower compatible.

Duck Diver at Backcountry K-9

Check Out the New West Paw Design Twiz!

New in West Paw Designs Zogoflex dog toys is the Twiz.  Twist Twiz's handles together for maximum flight or untwist to hide treats inside.  Twiz floats and you won’t find tougher toys than West Paw Designs Zogoflex line.

Twiz at Backcountry K-9